802 Toyota Service TeamFind out just how much fun our service team is and why you can trust any of them to take excellent care of your vehicle by learning more about each of them below.


Phil Daley

Meet Phil Daley – Service Director

Framingham State grad Phil Daley has been with 802 Toyota since August 2008, but he’s been working in the auto industry since the blizzard of 1978; starting out with washing cars. Phil’s favorite restaurant is Five Guys and his favorite season is summer, where he can go boating and fishing with his boys. He’s a big Bruins fan who says that the Ben and Jerry’s that best describes him is Rocky Road.

Contact Phil –  email: phil_daley@802cars.com, phone: (802) 224-7271

Michele Miller

Meet Michele Miller – Toyota Fleet Manager/Warranty Administrator 

Michele Miller is your one stop Warranty Administrator. She knows the who’s who of warranty claims. If there’s a question about whether or not your service is covered under warranty, Michele either has the answer or she knows who does. She has been with 802 Toyota since 2003 starting as a file clerk, and prior to her working with warranties, Michele was the Service Writer guru. She has received numerous certificates from Toyota University for Warranty Fundamentals, Codes/Abbreviations, Record Keeping, and Claim Processing Systems. Michele has also been trained in the Scion Customer Service Process. Her Motto: “The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.”

Contact Michele–  email: michele_miller@802cars.com, phone: (802) 224-7241

Perry Fleming

Meet Perry Fleming – Service Advisor

Perry Fleming, a Vermont native and graduate of Whitcomb High School has been working in the auto industry for thirteen years, while working at 802 Toyota for seven years. Perry’s favorite food is pizza, but he loves the Onion Flats restaurant in Bethel, Vt. His favorite season is mud season, his favorite sport is bowling, and if he were a Ben and Jerry’s flavor it would be Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

Contact Perry –  email: perry_fleming@802cars.com, phone: (802) 224-7256


Amber Dudley

Meet Amber Dudley – Service Advisor

Amber Dudley has been working as an 802 Toyota Service Writer for three years. Her favorite Vermont beer is Switchback, but her favorite restaurant lays in Worcester, Ma. at O’Connor’s Restaurant. Why does she love 802 Toyota? “The job is fast paced, and I enjoy working hard to have a customer leave satisfied.”

Contact Amber –  email: amber_dudley@802cars.com, phone: (802) 224-7251



Tony Anjos

Meet Tony Anjos – Service Advisor:

Tony previously worked at 802 Toyota and then left for another job. He realized how much he loved 802 Toyota and came back to be a service advisor not long ago.

Contact Tony –  email: tanjos@802cars.com, phone: (802) 224-7284.




Phil Lord

Meet Phil Lord – Service Advisor 

Phil Lord originally started at 802 Toyota on the sales team in early 2014, but just made the switch o the service department as Service Advisor. Phil’s favorite food is General Tso’s chicken and his favorite place to eat is Applebees. His first job was stocking coolers and his favorite place to travel to is back to his hometown in New Hampshire. If he could own any car it would be a Nissan GT-R R34. He likes working at 802 Toyota because he enjoys making the customers happy. Phil is originally from the Lake Sunapee Region of New Hampshire, but now lives in Montpelier, VT. He has two daughters, Kamryn Paige and Karlee Rayne.

Contact Phil –  email: phil_lord@802cars.com, phone: (802) 224-7252

Lynne Cochran

Meet Lynne Cochran – Toyota Express Maintenance Advisor

Lynne Cochran is originally from Connecticut but recently moved to Vermont with her boyfriend, Thomas. She loves swimming in the summer, reading, hiking with her 6 year old chocolate Labrador named Tucker, and playing pickup games with her friends. Lynne’s first job was working at an arcade on a beach in Maine. Lynne likes working at 802 Toyota because “I love meeting and talking to new people. I also love working with everyone in the company. Toyota’s are one of my favorite cars so I’m excited I get to work with them all day.”

Contact Lynn –  email: lcochran@802cars.com, phone: (802) 224-7299

Tessa Harvey

Meet Tessa Harvey – Service Coordinator

Tessa Harvey loves to kayak, paint, draw, and hang out with friends and family. She loves to be in the woods and her dream job would be a zookeeper or veterinarian for exotic animals. Her personal philosophy is “everyday can’t be the best day; do what you can right now. Don’t hesitate. -Atmosphere.” Tessa went to Williamstown High School, and previously worked at Positive pie and a few other small restaurants. Tessa has two cats, 12 nephews, a niece and a goddaughter on the way! Tessa likes working at 802 Toyota because “I like working with people, and making customers happy!”

Contact Tessa –  email: tessah@802cars.com, phone: (802) 224-7240

Visit 802Toyota.com/Service to learn more about the 802 Toyota Service Department, or call (802) 229-9117 to speak with them in person.


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