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Toyota Models with All Wheel Drive

Vermont winters often drag on and there are years when we still see major snowstorms in April and May. When it comes to snowstorms, everyone’s biggest fear is how their vehicle will handle to dangerous road conditions. Luckily, Toyota has several models that are equipped with All Wheel Drive so you can drive on snowy roads with ease for the rest of this winter and many more winters to come.

What is All Wheel Drive?

If you are not familiar with All Wheel Drive (AWD), let us give a quick explanation. AWD is when the powertrain is able to extend power to all four wheels of the vehicle in order to provide more traction on slick road conditions. This power usually works all the time no matter what the road conditions are like, but it depends on your vehicle. Just for clarity, while AWD is similar to 4-wheel drive, the main difference is that 4WD is heavier, gets even more traction, is more ideal for off-road conditions, and only works when activated.

Which Toyota Models Have AWD?

As much as we love the power that 4WD offers, it is usually reserved for the larger Toyota models, such as the Tacoma & Tundra, and we know that not all customers want or need a full size SUV or pickup. AWD on smaller vehicles is a great option because you will still have plenty of traction and power when Old Man Winter decides to unleash his fury.

The Toyota models with AWD (equipped or offered as an option) are:

Try Out an AWD Equipped Toyota Model Today!

There is still a chance that we could get plenty of snow and ice in the months that are usually reserved for springtime. If you are ready for less worries during snowstorms with AWD, contact an 802 Toyota sales professional and schedule a test drive today!